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The Psychedelic Food Journey

It was my meditation practice that led me to create the Psychedelic Food Journey.

Something that many experienced meditators will attest to is the almost psychedelic quality of some of their experiences. Whether it's the sensation of the breath on your lip or the delicate energy on the top of your head, once you learn how to go deeper in your meditation, in the sensations of your body, you discover and ever changing and ever expanding universe.

One of the things that struck me as I deepened my practice was how different my eating experience had become.

I had always loved food, to the extent that at times I would even eat compulsively. Some of my favourite times were eating while enjoying a good movie or reading a book. If there was food I liked I had a hard time leaving any on my plate, even when my stomach was already bursting. When under stress or depression I would eat from when I got up to when I went to sleep.

This time though, it seemed like every cell of my body was enjoying the food along with me. It was as if my mind was stepping back and letting my body take the lead. Eating became a physical experience rather than a mental or emotional one. It became almost a ritual to me, a time of true nourishment and delight.


At first I didn't even notice I was doing anything different, as this whole process happened organically and became second nature to me. After a while though, I started to notice how others didn't seem to have the same magical experience in front of a plate of delicious food. In fact, if eating out, when that food was presented it was rare that anyone stopped to welcome it. Most often than not they would hardly glance at it, start eating and continue their passionate conversation through mouthfuls.

The more I looked around, the more I noticed people with laptops, phones, books, eating while working, chatting or studying. And then it dawned on me that not that long before I did the same. Comparing my experience to then and now, I could have been eating coloured cardboard for all the pleasure or nourishment I was getting.

I tried explaining to anyone who would listen how great they would feel if they paid attention to their food; they seemed to understand and agree to what I was saying. They would even give it a try for a little while, remark how lovely the food was, yet always resumed their prior conversations.


At first I couldn't make sense of it.  How could anyone taste this fantastic, nourishing food and not have their entire attention captivated? Hadn't they notice the difference, not only in the quality of the food but also in their body's response to it? I soon realised they hadn't. Not significantly anyway. While the idea of what I was saying was making perfect sense to them, it was just that, an idea. It was not a knowledge coming from within.

It had taken me two intensive meditation retreats and years of meditation practice to reach that sort of awareness. 

I still wanted to share my discovery though. It had brought remarkable levels of pleasure and well-being into my life and I knew that so many others would benefit from that sort of awareness. 


It took me almost 2 more years of study and experimentation to come up with an answer: 

A unique method combining guided meditation, sound bathing, breath work and eating. Through meditation, breath and sound the participants can quiet their mind and connect to their body. Once in a state of awareness, the experience of food can take over. And then, magic begins...