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My journey started almost a decade ago, in Romania when I attended for the first time a Vipassana meditation course. I had been struggling for years before that with depression, smoking addiction, all sorts of health and behavioral issues and a general feeling of being lost in the world.

When I sat down on that cushion though, and focused on my breath for the first time, everything changed. Pieces of the puzzle came together and I became truly aware of myself for probably the first time in my life.

In a pursuit to facilitate a smoother meditation journey I then became vegetarian and naturally transitioned to vegan for a few years, even experimenting with raw veganism.

Through years of research and experimentation, combined with my meditation practice, I have come across a "sweet spot" of balancing healthy eating and freedom to enjoy life even when it sometimes means having that "junk food" on a day out.

I have always loved nature with a passion and through my meditation I reached a mature discovery of Gaia and finally felt empowered to respond to her in a protective and nurturing way.

Gradually a vision started coming forth. What if there was to be a community of people gathering together and creating a sanctuary and research centre? What it we were to acquire a massive amount of land where we could do both Permaculture design and research and have areas of untouched wilderness, like a natural park with a twist. Plus a whole other bunch of things. Oh, it is a huge and crazy vision. But I went for it. I left my home in Romania and am currently on a quest to learn how to bring this big crazy dream into reality.

I am funding this journey from my passion of caring for people, in the two ways I know best: cleaning their homes and feeding them. While this is something that a lot of beautiful humans do, I believe to have stumbled on a unique and exciting approach of how to feed ourselves and care for our homes and I am thrilled to share them with you in the hope that they will help make your journey smoother...

It is my deepest desire that this will in return contribute to realise my dream project.

Welcome to my page of dreams. May it bring you nourishing information for your happiness and love of life.