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Light, Sound, Setting, these are some of the primary aspects of any good video. Add to that the beautiful uniqueness of you, and a sprinkle of technology and you are bound to create impactful videos that match the power of your message.
I have designed this course to share with you all the knowledge I have around video producing and editing in the most user-friendly and comprehensive way. Every Monday, for 3 weeks, I will hold a live video and/or share a training video on the week's topic and suggest an exercise to help you implement what you have just learned. You will then have have one week to complete it, during which time you can ask all your questions in the group space, share results and receive support and suggestions from me for each step along the way. 

The course is taking taking place in a dedicated Facebook group that you will have access to upon receipt of payment. 

The live classes are taking place at 6pm UK time, for 1 hour every Monday for 3 weeks and will be available for replay.

Unless otherwise stated, they will be held on Zoom, with a live Q&A dedicated time slot.

During that same day, depending on the topic discussed I may be sharing additional pre-recorded videos as a complimentary tool to the live sessions. 

It will also be then that you will receive the week's activity so that you can have the whole week to complete it.

And for the 1st of November, put on your party hat for the Graduation Party! There will be dance, there will be music and celebration. We will all get together live, to showcase the amazing Virtual Offices we have created!

As a bonus, because I want you to succeed and make the most of my offering, you will have access to the course content for an extra 3 weeks, during which time you can revisit all that you have learned, discuss your client's reactions to the new look, or make any adjustments while still being supported by myself and your fellow students.


Week One

Light and Sound

- Where and how to use Lighting according to your camera
- Tips and tricks to create image depth with light
- Light up your personality
- The importance of good sound
- What tools to use and how to use them for a crisp and clear message
- Using your voice for more presence
- Choosing equipment that matches your needs. Save time and money by doing it right the first time


Week Two

Setting Up

- Create a beautiful setting that shows your unique personality and works perfectly with your business needs
- Use colour to your advantage. How to incorporate brand colours and choose outfits
- Using decor to set up your virtual office

- How to set up a consistent virtual office even when travelling


Week Three

Camera Confidence

- Speaking to the camera 

- Choose the right angle 

- How to switch from unsure to confident before a video call or live video

- Posture and tone of voice to facilitate credibility 


Bonus: Basics of Video Editing

Worth £111

- Choosing the best editing app/programme according to your needs
- The essentials of video editing
- Music is it important? How do choose it and where from
- Editing sound into your content
- Stock footage: what is it, why would I need it and where are the best places to find it.



At the end of the course, I will personally help you setup your lighting, sound and office. Over two 1 hour Zoom calls, we will create together your perfect virtual office. With a background of 4 years as a technical assistant and 2 years of making my own videos, I will make sure that all your needs are met to and your setup runs smoothly.

You will also benefit from first access to my Video Editing services, with a discount of 20% off.  


About Me

Creating beautiful videos is my passion. For 3 years I worked as a support technician for one of the biggest video editing softwares out there: Media Composer. During that time I learned about video editing, software and hardware compatibility, and very importantly, how to convey that information to our clients in practical, comprehensive ways. I learned not only how to solve issues, but how to prevent them by taking the right steps. 

A few years later, during my travels I learned how to take my own videos and self portraits and educated myself on what equipment to use and how to use it for best results. I learned about lighting and sound and how to set-up my workspace, or virtual office, if you will,  in a way that elevates my message. I created stunning portraits of myself and beautiful videos in both image and meaning. 

And in the same way that I became confident in this virtual world, I want to see you shine as well. I want more and more of us soul workers and soulpreneurs to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera so we can make a deeper impact in the world through the quality of our offerings.

It took me more than 5 years to learn the ins and outs of video making and delivering a message in front of the camera and I understand the learning curve behind this process. I want to make it easier for you so you can focus on what is truly important: serving your clients. At the end of this course I want to see you empowered to offer online services that are as good, if not even better than real life. 

We need more soulful businesses out there and this is my way of creating change in the world, by empowering you to use video to your advantage, in such a way that your message resonates on a much deeper level with your clients. And to be honest, I am also selfish, because I want to benefit from your coaching and therapies, I want to attend mid-blowing meditation sessions, sound baths and coaching sessions, even when I am not in the same room with you. 

Baking Home Video

Why You NEED This Course

Studies have shown that within an interaction, 70 to 90 percent of all communication is non-verbal. What that means is that your client’s perception of what you say is going to be highly influenced by the expression of your face, your body language and your tone of voice. Not only that, but we also process information depending on how comfortable we feel at a given time. 

The services that you offer are highly valuable to your clients and when you have a one to one in your office, you can use all of the above to your advantage. You can create rapport with your client and build a trusting relationship. 

But what happens when you move the same service online and:

  • Your videos are blurry or your face is dark

  • The sound keeps breaking or there is static

  • The only backdrop you have is a blank wall or your couch, or maybe a room that has laundry in one corner that you totally forgot about, or a toddlers’ toys spread about

  • Your camera is set in a strange angle because that is the only place you get good light, so now, your clients look down on you or you look down on them

  • Your partner completely forgets that you are on a call and decides to pop in for a full change of clothes (this is real and happens far more often than you think)

Best case scenario, because you are very good at your profession, you can ride through all of this and, with a bit more time and effort, you can re-establish the connection. But how much time and emotional resources have you spent in doing so? 

Precious time that you could have dedicated to take your clients to the next level, to have another call, or spend some time with your loved ones?

I created this course because I want to help you smooth all those pesky things out. I want you to be the best you can be in front of that camera. Here is what will happen at the end of this course:

  • You will create a virtual office that represents you and your business at the very core - your clients will love the level of professionalism and care you bring.

  • Your video quality will be so good that your message will have the same impact as if you were in the same room together

  • They will be immersed in the clear sound of your voice, allowing you to establish a deeper connection

  • You will have uninterrupted time together - this will allow your clients to have amazing breakthroughs and get the very best out of your services

  • Your look will be amazing every time, regardless of how you woke up that morning - you will feel confident and at ease in every interaction

I have purposefully created this course to be easy and comprehensive so that you can apply this information smoothly. The information will be divided into bite size chunks and I will be there every step of the way to help with the implementation. 

And if you think that you need to start buying expensive equipment and familiarize yourself with some complicated tools, you will be relieved to know that everything is designed so that you can use the tools that you already have at your disposal: your laptop camera, your phone and some other things that you will surely have around the house. 



What They’re Saying


Ana gifted me with making a video meditation for me to use for my work as a Shamanic Coach. The afternoon videoing was wonderful and so much fun. I felt completely free to be myself with her and her directions were creative and artistic and helped me with making me feel authentic and relaxed in front of the camera. I never enjoyed being filmed so much. The finished result was beautifully edited and put together and I was extremely happy with it. She has a gift of capturing the essence of whoever and whatever she is filming. I loved working with Ana so much that I have invested in her to create a course for me and I will continue to use her as my videographer.

Amanda Hummingbird

- Shamanic Coach -

Ana created a gorgeous video for our "Wild Woman Photo Shoot" day. It was such a pleasure to work with her, her creative flow and passion is contagious! Seeing the video days later made me shed a few tears. She had captured so many beautiful aspects of the day, seeing the day though her eyes was magic! Ana's wisdom, creative skills and knowledge of capturing moments and telling stories is so wonderful. I highly recommend her services and offerings. Thank you Ana!

Amy Woods

- Founder of SoulShine -

What’s Available


Standard Package



In these high value 3 weeks, you will be part of a Facebook container where I will share with you all the knowledge I have around video lives, video producing and editing. Every Monday I will hold a live video or share a custom-made video training to the group.  After each module you will have one week to implement the information and ask questions, share your results and receive feedback and suggestions from me and everyone else in the group. I will personally answer in writing to your questions on each topic. 

Spaces limited to 7.




You will receive all the benefits included in the Standard Package.

Furthermore you will have my personal support in choosing your equipment according to your specific technical compatibility, and two Zoom calls where we will arrange your virtual office in a way that makes you and your business SHINE.

Spaces limited to 4.


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