I help you realise the unlimited being that you are through amazing videography and life-changing grounding , sensory experiences of food


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About Me

My mission is to connect people with their highest human potential, to reach the heights of human experience, which I believe is naturally psychedelic. The two approaches I work with are:

  •  a form of integrated mindful nutrition I’ve created called Ecstatic Eating; bringing full awareness to the experience of food: feeling gratitude for where it came from, waking up the senses to bring more of the delights of food into your experience to take the whole journey to another level.

  • Videography - when done well, it allows us to showcase our work in the best possible way, making sure the message is clear, easily actionable and enjoyable to watch or take part in; with the goal being to create a memorable experience that gives the user the best experience possible through video.

I am all about revealing the beauty that is in our lives. 

My passion for food and videography stem from exactly that. Food brings me closer to feeling the intrinsic connection with the sacredness of human life and the love that Mother Earth has for us. I love to share this magic with those around me in Ecstatic Eating Ceremonies. Watching my clients experience true Psychedelic-like experiences just from a bite of freshly prepared food makes my heart sing. 

My videography is centred around how incredibly beautiful, passionate and meaningful our human experience can be. A well crafted video can fully embody the essence of someone or something. It can help us elevate what we perceive as reality to another level. Especially in the case of soul workers, videography can be the tool to shift perspectives and awaken in those around us, a new way of being and thinking, be they clients, friends, family or the public at large; one that is connected, inspired, and sacred, where joy and compassion abound.


"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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